Tammy Sabariz: The Rayment Excavations story

Originally established by Ian and Marilyn Rayment, for more than 40 years Rayment Excavations have been providing earthmoving and excavation services for civil, residential, and commercial construction and have built a solid reputation in the industry for delivering on time and on budget.

“Ian and Marilyn started Rayment Excavations in 1981 with a single backhoe to now having a fleet of over 160 pieces of plant and equipment from skid steers to rollers, graders and trucks,” Rayment Excavations General Manager Tammy Sabariz said.

“We have a quarry out at Yarwun where we supply and deliver granite boulders and decomposed granite and we do a lot of civil construction work for developers like of Aurizon, NRG, and council, and we work on a number of government and commercial projects.”

Tammy said after the growth of the gas plants on Cutris Island the company did a major review of their insurance needs.

“We found ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ could not only offer us the best insurance coverage and deliver on price, but they worked with us as well,” Tammy said.

“Making an insurance claim isn’t something we like to do however, what we have found is from a smashed windscreen to major equipment damage we’ve been able to pick up the phone and talk to Samantha and Tony and they would guide us through the entire process and get it done.

“When you’re in business you need to have the right people surrounding you and through having the partnership with ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ, it’s just one thing I know we don’t need to worry about and that we do have the right coverage.”

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