Sally-Anne McIntosh, the Gladstone Bicycle Centre Story

When a caravan crashed into the front of the Gladstone Bicycle Centre in September 2020, the local Gladstone business, like all small businesses, needed to be open and operating as soon as possible.

“The front of the shop was damaged by the caravan and it needed to be removed and the damaged fixed as soon as possible so our customers could enter the shop safely,” Gladstone Bicycle Centre co-owner Sally-Anne McIntosh said.

“At first we did try to sort it out ourselves because that was what we thought we had to do but no, Tony from ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ quickly reminded me that that’s his job.”

The Gladstone Bicycle Centre was established in 1966 technically making it the oldest bike shop in Central Queensland. Sally’s husband David is a qualified mechanic and has been in the business for more than 50 years. From creating smiles on kids faces with their first bike, to professional and amateur bike riders, wheelchairs and walkers, and even assisting people with new inventions, Sally said having the team at ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ by their side has been wonderful.

“Tony and Samantha were great from the very first day the caravan crashed into the shop,” she said.

“Samantha was constantly on the phone with the insurance company making sure they were on track and keeping them moving and it really took a lot of pressure off us because as you can imagine as a small busy business, we really didn’t have time to deal with it all so knowing that it was in Tony’s and his team’s hands was really terrific and brought us a lot of peace.”

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