ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ Newsletter (Feb/Mar)

Welcome to the ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ Newsletter 

Hi everyone and welcome to the first Arma Insurance Brokers CQ newsletter for 2022.

First of all, Happy New Year (even though we are already 2 months into 2022).  It has certainly been a busy first 2 months for us and there is a lot happening in the insurance world at the moment.  The current floods in Qld and NSW are devastating and will have a large impact on the insurance market which is already seeing large premium increases and decreased capacity from the insurers.

A couple of important things to keep in mind with your insurance policy at the moment.

  1. With the increase in building costs currently it is really important to look at your current Building Sum Insured to ensure it is sufficient to replace your property in the event of a claim.  I would suggest that you would need to increase your Sum Insured to ensure you are not under insured.
  2. Premium increases are anywhere from 10-30% as a standard at the moment and especially in Residential Insurance we are seeing 40-50% increases.  We are working really hard to get our clients the most competitive policies possible and with these increases we are seeing an increase of people insuring with Direct Insurer.  While I totally understand the savings offered by these insurers, please be wary of them as their Policy Wordings are not as comprehensive as the ones, we have access to and we are unable to assist you in the event of a claim.  You have deal directly with the Insurer and believe me it is getting increasingly harder to Insurer to settle claims in a timely manner.

Whilst it is a hard time in the insurance market remember that at Arma Insurance Brokers CQ we will always work for you, not the Insurer and we will always fight for you to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to for an insurance claim.

Until the next newsletter, please stay safe.  Our thoughts are with those currently being affected by the floods and we are always here to help.

Tony Noyes.
ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ

We can travel again…but have you got the right insurance?

Finally the borders are open and we are all able to again travel not just around Australia, but internationally as well however, have you got the right travel insurance? Most people think buying travel insurance is a bit of a last minute no-brainer that can be purchased via the first option that pops up on Google. Unfortunately, when claim time comes around things can start to unravel dramatically.

Travel insurance is one of those products that most people think they can take a DIY approach on.

However, 1 in 4 Aussie travellers experience a loss during an overseas trip that should be covered by a policy – yet only half of those successfully make a claim.

When you consider that the average claim paid out by an insurer is $455, travellers are doing themselves a huge disservice by taking an ad-hoc approach.

Connect here to understand the four main pitfalls travellers run into and to find out how to get the best travel insurance for you and your family.

Celebrating our Clients

At ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ, we love celebrating our clients and the work they do everyday within our community. This month, we are celebrating  Robert Mitchell and his entire team at Pronto Auto Glass.  Pronto Autoglass is an automotive windscreen company servicing the Gladstone Area. They are a family owned and operated business with an emphasis on customer care and quality workmanship. Pronto Autoglass has been a part of the automotive window industry in the Gladstone Region for more than 20 years with the second generation now carrying on with their proud company ethos. They pride themselves on being the team with local knowledge and can offer comprehensive car window repair/replacement/installation solutions to areas from Tannum Sands to Miriam Vale and more.

To find out more or get in contact with Robert and his team at Pronto Auto Glass, connect here.

At ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ, integrity is core to our business. We don’t just sell insurance; we work and fight for our clients to protect what’s important to them.

Meet our local businesses

Do you know Gus Stedman,  the Chief Executive Officer of the Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd (GAPDL)?

The GAPDL is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation responsible for strategically marketing the Gladstone Region as a tourism and lifestyle destination.

Their membership base consists of over 200 members that come from a wide range of sectors including government, accommodation, and tour operators, with their preferred insurance broker being our team here at ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ.“We’ve been very happy with the service ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ provide, and their rates have been very comparable each year without no major escalation,” Gus said.

“However, we did have one occasion where we had to source some specialist insurance and Tony and his team went out of their way to source that insurance for us that no one else could provide.

To find out how Tony and the ARMA team got a great deal for the GAPDL, connect to our testimonials page now.

Why choose when ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ can get the best deal for you today!

Did you know the ARMA team works on behalf of our clients to find the most suitable and comprehensive policy and then negotiate the most competitive price on that policy. Why? We work for you and not the insurance companies and offer you and/or your business a service you can value with the peace of mind you’re looking for.  Give us a call on 49 787 261 to find out how we can get the best deal for you today!

We’re there when you need us

In early February, Mick from Cannon Coastal Air Conditioning was involved in an accident. This is what the business said on their Facebook page – “Accidents happen the main thing is everyone walked away with only minor injury. But it’s the disruption to an already super busy schedule. Thanks wholeheartedly to Tony and Sam at ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ for getting Mick sorted in a new beast so quickly and with no fuss”.

“This is why we love what we do,” ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ Director Tony responded to the Facebook post. “We love being there for our clients when they need us. Mick and Cara Cannon from Cannon Coast Air Conditioning have been great clients of ours for a long time. When Mick had someone hit him from behind yesterday we were able to arrange a Hire Car for him within an hour and have him back on the road.”

At ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ, integrity is core to our business. We don’t just sell insurance; we offer our customers a service they can value with the peace of mind they are looking for. 

ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ specialises in business (commercial), farming (agribusiness) & general insurance solutions

We currently offer over 50 types of “standard” insurance for all types of insurable risk. The ARMA team works on behalf of our clients to find the most suitable and comprehensive policy and then negotiate the most competitive price on that policy. We also manage all claims quickly and effectively.  Why not get a quote today and see how we can offer you a service you can value with the peace of mind you’re are looking for. Phone Gladstone on 49 787 261 or Biloela on 49 924 728.

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