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Welcome to the ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ Newsletter

Hello from the ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ team and welcome to our December Newsletter. Our newsletter is to keep our current and prospective clients up to date with your local insurance needs whether it’s your business, your home, cyber insurance, or even public liability. ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ is a locally owned and operated business with offices in Biloela and Gladstone which makes us the right people to be able to fully understand your insurance needs. At ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ, integrity is core to our business. Why? You’re our neighbours, our farmers, our local businesses, and our friends, and we are here to protect you every day.



Happy Christmas from ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ

2021 is coming to an end and it has been a very uncertain year as I am sure you will agree.  With Christmas coming up it is now time to re-energise and enjoy some quality time with family and loved ones.  We will be taking a well earned break as well.  Both or Gladstone and Biloela Offices will be closing at 12 o’clock on the 24th December and will reopen at 8.30am on 4th January.

I would like to take this time to thank you, our wonderful clients for your continued support throughout 2021 and would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year and look forward to continuing to work for you and fighting for you in the future.

Tony Noyes
ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ


We work and fight for our clients to protect what’s important to them.
2021 was a big year for ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ for both our Biloela and Gladstone offices. Our director Tony Noyes travelled the entire CQ region to personally make sure our clients continue to get the right insurance and to ensure their livelihoods were not only protected, but as their businesses grow, they still had the right insurance. It’s our goal to provide our clients with the best market leading advice and the latest products. We are a full service Broker with access to all major insurance companies, including specialist agencies and we’re able to negotiate prices and extra cover in many areas. Did you get a visit from Tony in 2021?  To find out how we can make sure you’re protected and to be visited by Tony, phone our Gladstone 49 787 261 or Biloela 49 924 728 offices today.

Meet our local businesses

We love working with our local businesses and protecting what’s important to them everyday.When a caravan crashed into the front of the Gladstone Bicycle Centre in September 2020, the local Gladstone business, like all small businesses, needed to be open and operating as soon as possible.

“The front of the shop was damaged by the caravan and it needed to be removed and the damaged fixed as soon as possible so our customers could enter the shop safely,” Gladstone Bicycle Centre co-owner Sally-Anne McIntosh said.

“At first we did try to sort it out ourselves because that was what we thought we had to do but no, Tony from ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ quickly reminded me that that’s his job.”

For the full story on the Gladstone Bicycle Centre connect here.


Meet Jennifer Wilton: Our General Insurance Broker in our Biloela Office

When it comes to protecting your rural property and farming and/or agricultural business, Jenny is the go to person that can help protect you. Jenny is our Rural Insurance expert and has over 16 years’ experience as a broker and is Tier 1 qualified. Jenny provides specialist advice for our Rural clients and provides support and advise for the farming sector with a broad knowledge of farmers’ complex requirements and takes pride in offering the best solutions for their insurance needs. To get in contact with Jenny and find out how she can protect what’s important to you, phone 49 924 728.



Solving the underinsurance problem for small business

Many small businesses don’t have enough cover when it comes to business continuity, flood insurance and also certain speciality policies, leaving them vulnerable when they suffer a calamity. This can drastically reduce their profits or, worse, see them shut their doors permanently.

Perennially flood-affected Queensland businesses know this only too well. Although Morris Peluchetti had insurance cover for his Townsville news agency, he has spent $400,000 rebuilding the shop while waiting for his insurance claim to be settled. The business was devasted when 200 millimetres of rain fell on the town in early January 2020. Connect here learn more.



Our Testimonials

Have you checked-out our video testimonials from locals like you? ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ don’t just sell insurance; we work for you. Why? You’re our neighbours, our farmers, our local businesses, and our friends, and we are here to protect you every day.

Greenscape Gladstone cater to all landscape and garden maintenance, irrigation installation and repairs, for commercial and residential clients across the Gladstone Region.

“In the last few years, we’ve done lots of jobs including several schools and kindergartens,” Greenscape Gladstone Director Jenny Verne said.

“We’ve been with ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ for some time now because the service they give is exceptional. It’s easy to contact Tony directly and he always comes out to meet with us and makes it an easy process when we have a claim.”

To watch and read Jenny’s full story connect here.



ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ specialises in business (commercial), farming (agribusiness) & general insurance solutions.

We currently offer over 50 types of “standard” insurance for all types of insurable risk. The ARMA team works on behalf of our clients to find the most suitable and comprehensive policy and then negotiate the most competitive price on that policy. We also manage all claims quickly and effectively.  Why not get a quote today and see how we can offer you a service you can value with the peace of mind you’re are looking for. Phone Gladstone on 49 787 261 or Biloela on 49 924 728.

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