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Welcome to the ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ Newsletter

Hello from the ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ team and welcome to our October Newsletter. Our newsletter is to keep our current and prospective clients up to date with your local insurance needs whether it’s your business, your home, cyber insurance, or even public liability. ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ is a locally owned and operated business with offices in Biloela and Gladstone which makes us the right people to be able to fully understand your insurance needs. At ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ, integrity is core to our business. We don’t just sell insurance; we work for you.

Are you a business owner? Is your home, vehicle and/or contents covered correctly?

Being in business can be a minefield with many businesses not aware of the threats they are susceptible to with many not being covered correctly. If you’re a business owner – are you personally liable for the decisions you make as a Director ?
On November 4, ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ Director Tony Noyes will be providing a free information session in Gladstone.
  • When: Thursday, November 4 from 12pm to 1.30pm.
  • Where: Gladstone Downtown Central (formally Quest Gladstone) 39-43 Bramston St, Gladstone.
  • Lunch provided
  • Free to attend – no obligation.

Meet our local businesses

We love working with our local businesses and protecting what’s important to them everyday.Gladrock Transport is a well-established integrated Transport and Logistics business that has been offering extensive transportation services throughout Central Queensland and Australia since 2004. “Gladrock Transport has been around for 40 years and I’ve had the business for 17 years and in that time I’ve grown the company from 13 vehicles and 13 staff to now having an extensive fleet of 52 vehicles and 54 staff,” Gladrock Transport director Jason Busk said. For the full story on Gladrock Transport connect here.

Meet Rachael Jones: Your General Insurance Broker in our Biloela Office

When it comes to claims or Domestic and Business insurance, Rachael is the Broker for you. Rachael joined ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ as an Administrative Assistant and works tirelessly for our clients and is now a Tier 1 Broker.  Rachael understands her client’s needs and loves achieving outcomes for our clients and together with Jenny and Narelle provides advice and understanding to our Rural clients to ensure they have the right coverage. To get in contact with Rachael and find out how she can protect what is important to you phone 49 924 728.

Roofs are the subject of a huge number of business insurance claims, especially after big storms. 

Many Australian businesses have been devastated by storms so far in 2021, with Queensland hit by violent storms in March including central Queensland with major hail storms in September and October. The Insurance Council of Australia estimates damage from these types of storms to the eastern seaboard alone totaled $ 254.2 million. Roofs typically suffer huge amounts of damage during these events and some roofs won’t ever survive storms like a cyclone. But there are certain steps you can take to mitigate the risk of potential damage to your business. Connect here to find out more.

Our Testimonials

Have you checked-out our video testimonials from locals like you? ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ don’t just sell insurance; we work for you. Why? You’re our neighbours, our farmers, our local businesses, and our friends, and we are here to protect you every day. At 11pm on a Monday night, Stephen ‘Pato’ Paterson received a phone call alerting him his beloved hotel, in Bundaberg, was burning down.  By 9am the next day the tavern, which he had built from scratch, was just a smouldering wreck. To watch Pato’s full story and to find out how ARMA got him and his business through an extremely difficult time connect here.

ARMA Insurance Brokers CQ specialises in business (commercial), farming (agribusiness) & general insurance solutions.

We currently offer over 50 types of “standard” insurance for all types of insurable risk. The ARMA team works on behalf of our clients to find the most suitable and comprehensive policy and then negotiate the most competitive price on that policy. We also manage all claims quickly and effectively.  Why not get a quote today and see how we can offer you a service you can value with the peace of mind you’re are looking for. Phone Gladstone on 49 787 261 or Biloela on 49 924 728.

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